I was born on a Friday, 13 October.  Two brothers and 3 sisters were standing by my cradle.  My mother and father tried to make a good girl of me, but this turned out otherwise.  That Friday the 13th must be in it for something. 

I grew up in Westerlo, studied Germanic philology at the Catholic University of Leuven, and then moved to Brussels, where I have been living and working every since. My career is mainly dedicated to marketing communications and copywriting. 

To relax… I write.  I wrote my first story when I was ten.  It was about little angels that had been naughty and were crying.  Every tear that fell onto the world became a flower.  Or how much good can come from something bad – I am an optimist, after all. 

I have written a whole lot of children’s books since, and have compiled a number of game books.  I do that for fun.  My real work is copywriting and translating for companies.  I think that I have already written 40,075 km of text, the equivalent of the earth’s circumference, in other words. I am now in the process of spanning the distance between the earth and the moon…